Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge Review


Yoga Burn is a 12-week dynamic program intended for ladies. Its essential objective is to assist you with getting that modest stomach and yoga goods that frequently appear to be so subtle – but on the other hand it’s extraordinary for unwinding and improving your adaptability.

Zoe prescribes finishing three 45-minute yoga classes every week to get the quickest outcomes. In contrast to most projects, Yoga Burn is portrayed as a “vital, dynamic approach…that’s demonstrated to convey results.” That implies every exercise is custom-made to YOU and YOUR present objectives – you’re not expected to go at a similar pace as every other person (like in a class yoga or cardio setting).

The program is part into three stages.faster flexibility Each stage expands on the last to give quicker adaptability and calorie consume. The whole program likewise follows the standards of Dynamic Sequencing, which we’ll find a good pace the audit.

Stage 1: Foundational Flow Phase. As you’ve most likely speculated, this stage is tied in with building solid yoga establishments. You’ll find how to expand your adaptability and lift your digestion without going excessively quick. This is an extraordinary method to gain proficiency with every one of the postures required for Yoga Burn while limiting the opportunity of damage.

Stage 2: Transitional Flow Phase. This is the place things begin to warm up. The transitional stage keeps on building your quality and adaptability, yet increase the calorie consume. You’ll additionally adapt new postures and begin to see changes in your muscle tone.

Stage 3: Mastery Flow Phase. This is the place the enchantment occurs. Utilizing the quality, adaptability and supported digestion from the past stages, Zoe will push you to consume more calories and roll out genuine improvements to your body. You’ll learn propelled arrangements that numerous individuals never ace – significantly in the wake of taking conventional classes for quite a long time!

As indicated by Zoe, these dynamic stages are the way to Yoga Burn’s viability. Here’s the reason…

In the event that you’ve at any point been to a yoga class, you presumably feel like advancement is moderate. This is on the grounds that most classes don’t work from week to week – you are extremely simply doing an irregular arrangement of stances and successions each time.

yoga burn 8 week challenge This is the reason a great many people never get the body they need from yoga – even with long stretches of training. The way in to any fruitful work out schedule is movement and adjustment – you have to drive your body (and psyche) to change.​ An unstructured week by week yoga session isn’t useful for accomplishing that.

The three stages in Yoga Burn, as per Zoe, give an attempted and tried recipe to convey results*.

Another significant contrast is that the Yoga Burn stages start at your present level. Each stage expands on the last, so you can drastically build adaptability and ​start considering genuine to be to your body as the months go on.


We like how Yoga Burn is conveyed as both an advanced download (for telephones, PCs and tablets) and physical DVDs. Numerous items we survey are just accessible as either, so this is a reward. At the point when you purchase the program, you get moment advanced access so you can begin immediately. The Yoga Burn DVD set is sent not long after.

Beside the principle yoga program, you likewise get a liberal arrangement of free rewards to help you on your body change venture. Here’s a breakdown of everything that is incorporated:

Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Shaping Course (Online Digital Download and Physical DVDs) – this incorporates every one of the three stages for members, a fast beginning class and 20 inside and out posture instructional exercises. There are 9 exercise recordings altogether and you’ll rehash every multiple times before moving onto the following stage.

Reward: Basic sound renditions of each class to utilize while voyaging.

Reward: Tranquility stream class – an interesting arrangement of successions for stress help. While peacefulness stream won’t consume numerous calories, it’s an extraordinary method to unwind.

Reward: Immersion Community – an interesting wellness network for ladies as it were. It gives access to instructing calls, a network for conversing with other ladies and progressing support all through your excursion.

Reward: Yoga Burn Monthly – an extra arrangement of DVDs that fill in as a prologue to a wide range of sorts of yoga. These incorporate Ashtanga, Hatha, Jundalini, Vinyasa and helpful yoga

(Discretionary) There’s likewise the alternative of acquiring a second duplicate of the course for a markdown. This is extraordinary on the off chance that you need to follow the program simultaneously as a companion.

Considering the present cost of the Yoga Burn framework is simply $37, we think you get a great deal for your cash. The exercise recordings are likewise high-caliber and Zoe is an incredible teacher.


Beside the three-stage structure, you’re most likely thinking about what’s distinctive about Yoga Burn contrasted with standard classes.

As per the maker, Zoe Bray-Cotton, there are a few reasons why Yoga Burn is a decent decision for ladies who need to shed pounds, tone their body and lift their digestion:

​The program is intended to give greatest visual outcomes to ladies in the briefest measure of time*. Dissimilar to gimmicky big name wellness recordings, Yoga Burn reliably provokes you to improve – which is the best way to accomplish genuine body changes. It additionally targets normal female issue territories.

Yoga Burn successions can be balanced for your present level and objectives. Each grouping expands on the last and can be custom fitted for YOUR abilities, so you won’t be compelled to endeavor represents that are either excessively simple or troublesome. This is one of the primary focal points of Yoga Burn contrasted with a customary class.

The program turns out to be progressively troublesome and progressed as you get more grounded. This forestalls levels and powers your body to consume more calories. You’ll likewise observe quicker gains in muscle tone, quality and adaptability – and feel progressively loose as well.

The Yoga Burn program can be performed at home to lessen pressure. Regardless of whether you’re racing to abstain from being late or agonizing over others making a decision about you, yoga classes are infrequently unwinding. Truth be told, they can really build pressure hormones in the body. Zoe clarifies this can even reason your body to store progressively fat! Interestingly, the Yoga Burn program can be performed at home at whatever point you have time, so it’s anything but difficult to fit into regular day to day existence.

It’s a yoga program explicitly for ladies. Have you at any point considered it odd that most yoga classes incorporate individuals of an assortment of ages and sexual orientations? This implies the teacher needs to take into account everybody, rather than giving the best class to your needs. Yoga Burn is intended for ladies just, which Zoe clarifies is one reason why it’s so viable.



  • Yoga Burn is incredible for ladies who need to get more fit from the solace of their home.
  • Zoe gives a straightforward and guided movement for every video. Each class is anything but difficult to follow, yet is differed and charming.
  • Dynamic Sequencing implies you’ll generally be tested paying little mind to your present level.
  • Zoe claims the course can accelerate your digestion, assist you with getting more fit, improve your safe framework and for the most part cause you to feel more joyful.
  • You get Yoga Burn in advanced download, DVD and sound arrangements so you can utilize it anyplace.
  • The cost of $37 gives extraordinary worth – and you can get a discount inside 60 days on the off chance that you don’t feel like you’re getting results (we don’t think this is likely however!)


  • It is anything but an “enchantment” weight reduction framework. You need follow the program for 12 weeks for the best outcomes – despite the fact that you’ll most likely begin to see improvement much sooner.
  • Rather than an entire brief class, every video is 15 minutes which you rehash multiple times. This is definitely not a major drawback, as the reiteration is a fundamental piece of the program, yet we would have preferred full brief recordings.
  • The postures most likely won’t be testing enough for cutting edge yoga experts.


We were expecting the Yoga Burn program to be simply one more gimmicky yoga video (on the off chance that you’ve at any point gotten one of those big name yoga exercises that most recent 40 minutes, you recognize what we mean!) So we were charmingly shocked to find that Zoe’s yoga program has some really exceptional thoughts.

Specifically, we like how the program is structured explicitly for ladies who need to get more fit. This center, joined with the ceaseless movement, improves it much for ​shaping and conditioning the female body*.

We additionally believe it’s incredible that the program adjusts to YOUR present yoga and wellness level – so the two learners and intermediates can get results. ​It additionally makes them intrigue postures and groupings that are agreeable to finish – in addition to it’s a lot simpler to fit into day by day life.

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